Look at the beautiful flower I found!  
Today is going to be a wonderful day!
~ Count your blessings.
~ Focus on the positive.

Last fall Coco noticed that Celebrity Cats were running for President.  She pondered what her own platform would be.  That’s easy!


1) Welcoming Differences:

2) Fancy Feast for Everyone!

3) For Every Cat, a Basket:

Coco has so much to be thankful for.
A former shelter cat, she never dreamed she would find a new forever home where she could be happy again.

She now lives with her wonderful Guardian…

…and guards the presents under her new family’s Christmas tree each year.

She practices tricks she learns from her Guardian’s Daughter.

And she has earned roaming privileges in three neighbors’ back yards, where she made friends with Bushy, the Back Yard Squirrel.

Coco has learned that, during life’s most difficult times, unimaginably wonderful things can happen!  She hopes all of you will find this, too!

P.S.  Coco asked the Daughter to set up this blog for her, so she can continue to share how wonderful her life is in her new forever home.