Q:   Why is Coco writing a blog?
A:   Coco would like to share her experiences becoming a shelter cat and later finding a wonderful new forever home.  She wants to share what she has learned: That, during life’s most difficult times, unimaginably wonderful things can happen.  

Q:   Why does Coco talk about a light at the end of the crinkle tunnel?
A:   That’s a cat expression, similar to the saying, “There’s light at the end of the tunnel.”  It’s another way of saying that truly wonderful things can happen during life’s darkest times.

Q:  Coco sounds very serious.  Is she always like that?
A:  Oh, no . . . Coco loves having fun and being silly.  Sometimes she dashes madly through the house!

Q:  So Coco is a Shelter Cat?
A:  Yes. Coco was moved between several shelters before she was adopted into her forever home.

Q:  What kind of cat is Coco?
A:  She is part Siamese.  That means she doesn’t meow quite as much as a full Siamese (unless it’s breakfast time).

Q:  What is Coco’s favorite food?
A:  Fancy Feast!

Q:  How old is Coco?
A:  She is about 8 years old.

Q:  Where is Coco’s favorite napping place?
A:  Her crinkle tunnel.

Q:  Is Coco an indoor cat?
A:  Coco was allowed to explore the outdoors for the first time in her new forever home.  Her Guardian escorts her on back yard walks every day, and Coco never wears a leash.  Coco has earned roaming rights in three neighbors’ back yards.  She has learned about squirrels, songbirds, crows, and mule deer.  (She already knew about dogs.)

Q:  How did Coco learn her tricks?
A:  The Daughter teaches her, using the technique of clicker-training (making a clicking sound during the behavior to be repeated).  Of course, one must always follow each well-executed trick with a treat!

Q:  Is Coco writing a book?
A:  Yes.  She would like to have her story published when it’s finished.

Q:  Can Coco really type?
A:  Well, she proofreads her story (a work in progress).  Her Guardian’s daughter does the typing.

Q:  Can Coco come to visit schools?
A:  Coco doesn’t like to travel in cars — it makes her worry that she’s being taken back to a shelter.  But she is working on making some videos as her way of saying hello.