Coco Writes a Congresswoman!

Coco puts pen to paper; that is, paw to pad (typewriter keypad): TOPIC:  EMERGENCY SAFETY FOR ANIMALS – OROVILLE EVACUATION Dear Congresswoman Eshoo, Tuesday of this week (February 14, 2017), Channel 2 news interviewed a small boy, one of the Oroville Dam evacuees, who shared his heartbreak at having to [Read More...]

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Coco Wishes a Happy Valentine’s Day

                          May your Valentine’s Day be filled with flowers, your favorite treats  and . . .                                      . . . and [Read More...]

Coco Wishes a Happy Valentine’s Day2021-03-21T23:20:18+00:00

Coco’s Purrings

Look at the beautiful flower I found!   Today is going to be a wonderful day! Remember: ~ Count your blessings. ~ Focus on the positive. Last fall Coco noticed that Celebrity Cats were running for President.  She pondered what her own platform would be.  That’s easy!   1) Welcoming [Read More...]

Coco’s Purrings2021-03-21T23:22:56+00:00
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